Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association

Voices for Volunteerism

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Diane Angeletti

DianeAngeletti.Sustainability Handout.pdf

DianeAngeletti.Making the Volunteer Experience Count - Handout.pdf


Michael Ballard

Michael Ballard. How to Work with Community Service Clients


Christine Beatty

ChristineBeatty.Promise of Self-Directed Teams.pdf


Leslie Fijalkiewicz

Leslie Fijalkiewicz. Who's Taking Care of the 300

Kelly Fischer

Kelly Fischer. Board Training


Brenda Frazier

BrendaFrazier.Prioritizing sheet.pdf


BrendaFrazier.Time management.pdf


William Henry

William Henry. Injury Prevention & Auto Safety

William Henry. Insurance Basics for Non-Profit Organizations

William Henry. Managing Volunteers Accident & Liability Risks

William Henry. MVR Acceptability Checklist

William Henry. Sample Risk Management Policy

William Henry. Preventing Acts of Dishonesty

William Henry. Volunteer Risk Questionnaire


Jack Kile

Jack Kile. Hospice and Humor Conflict

Tom Krause

Tom Krause. You Make A Difference


Tony Omernik

Tony Omernik. Health Benefits of Volunteering

Tony Omernik. Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering

Tony Omernik. Power Up Initiative

Tony Omernik. Remaining Service

Tony Omernik. 3R's of Volunteer Management


Shawn Steen

Shawn Steen. Skilled Volunteers 101


Jennifer Swensen

Jennifer Swensen. #1 Priorities

Jennifer Swensen. #2 Urgent Vs Important

Jennifer Swensen. #3 Scenarios


Derreka Walton

DerrekaWalton.Difficult Volunteers Handout.pdf

Derreka Walton. The UnBearable Obnoxious Difficult Volunteer


Jody Weyers

Jody Weyers. Networking On & Off Line

Jody Weyers. Social Media Posting

Jody. Weyers. Stepping Stones of Networking