Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association

Voices for Volunteerism

2015 Conference Materials - Presentations & Powerpoints

Thursday, May 7

Opening Keynote: Learned Optimism, Vicki Clark: Powerpoint Presentation

1A: Emotional Intelligence: Managing Emotions to Enhance Performance, Tracy Butz: Participant Guide Handout
1B: Top 10 Mistakes in Volunteer Management, Vicki Clark
1C: Best Practices - The Long Term Volunteer Connection, Cindy Freitag; Training Evaluation Handout, Recognition Tips Handout
1D: Networking On & Offline, Jody Weyers: Powerpoint Presentation

2A: Mastering the Art of Small Talk, Tracy Butz: Participant Guide Handout
2B: Getting Reluctant Staff to Work with Volunteers, Vicki Clark
2C: Keeping the Bad Apples Out of Your Organization, Glen Tilot & Stu Driessen: Powerpoint Presentation
2D: Community Conversations, Sharon Bowen: Workshop Outline Handout, Demonstration Handout

3A: Volunteer Management 101: Building on a Foundation of Best Practices, Shelly Kaiser
3B: Volunteer Driver Training Toolkit - Best Practices to Train and Manage Volunteers, Valeree Lecey & Carrie Porter: Training Toolkit, Assessment Tool
3C: Effective Volunteer Engagement and Organizational Impact - Service Enterprise Initiative, Bonnie Andrews
3D: Secrets to Profitable, Sustainable and Mission-Driven Events, Jennifer Dieter: Prezi Link

4A: Like It. Tweet it. Follow It. , Kris Krasnowski
4B: Introduction to Therapy Dogs, Molly Johnson: Definition Handout
4C: Designing for Success: Workshop in Development of Volunteer Position, Carol Bloemer: Powerpoint Presentation, Job Description Template, Volunteer Roles Handout
4D: Sharing Your Story With Positive Outcomes, Ellen Evensen

Friday, May 8

Morning Keynote: Balance Your Boundaries, Dr. Jodi Janati

5A: Clear and Concise Communication, Bill Collar
5C: The Missing Link - Learn How to Engage Youth & Young Adults, Jody Weyers: Powerpoint Presentation
5D: The Five Generations and Generational Differences, Larry Lewis: Powerpoint Presentation

6A: Personal Motivation and Maintaining a Positive Attitude, Bill Collar
6B: Protect Yourself from Control Dramas, Dr. Jodi Janati
6C: Stress Management - Regaining Control of Your Life, Richard Marshall
6D: The Effective Recruitment and Utilization of Interns for Nonprofit Organizations, Joellyn Jones