Wisconsin Volunteer Coordinators Association

Voices for Volunteerism

The WVCA annually recognizes a volunteer manager within the organization that receives the Professional Achievement Award.  This awards is given to someone who is nominated as being an outstanding manager of volunteer services, is a leader among peers, involved in the community and a resource to other volunteer managers. This award is given each year at the WVCA Annual Conference.

Past Winners of the WVCA Professional Achievement Award

2018- Shawn Steen 

2017- Ruth Morgan

2016-Mary Petillo

2015-Barb Horneck

2014-Carol Bloemer

2013-Stu Driessen

2012-Jim Radey

2011-Joy Alexander

2010-Linda Jahns

2009-Anne Strauch

2008-Cheryl Schmitz

2007-Karen Foust

2006-Ruthis Lombardo

2005-John Nieman

2004-Judy Richey

2003-Marti Sowka

2002-Chris Rodriguez

2001-Glen Tilot

2000-Joanie Johnson

1999-Marge Bader

1998-Julia Drobeck

1997-Susan Larson